How to Do Ombre Nails

How to Do Ombre Nails

How to Do Ombre Nails You probably have noticed the newest nail trend across the globe through Pinterest or Instagram, haven’t you? Well, if you have scrolled your Instagram recently, you know which nail art trend we are talking about. Yes, you have guessed it right; its none other than the oh-so-famous ‘OMBRE Nails.’

Ombre hair, lips, and eyes are trending in the beauty world for a while now, but this trend in the nail art world is seeming. It’s all about the transition from a light color to a dark one. Ombre nail art is all about creating a nice color gradient. Usually, a light color on the nail’s top progressively mergers into a darker color toward the tip.

Ombre nails are the best way to hunt away from the winter blues. They provide you the opportunity to play with colors of your own choice while keeping it classy.

Don’t need to rush to the pricy salons. We share the most straightforward Ombre Nails tutorial with you that will wave farewell to dull nails and bring life to your nails.

There are various methods to do the Ombre nail art like Sponge nail art, brush nail art, and the glitter Ombre. Below, we will be sharing the sponge nail art method.

How to Do Ombre Nails

Sponge Ombre

Things you need

  • Two or more nail colors of your choice (Make sure that the colors are in contrast with each other. Don’t choose2 darker or two lighter shades. One nail paint should be more delicate and the other one should be darker)
  • Scissor
  • Tape
  • A new, unused sponge
  • Q-tips
  • Basecoat
  • Nail clipper
  • filer
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton ball

Step 1 (Clean your nails thoroughly)

If you want a fabulous, stunning Ombre nail art look in the first attempt, remove your old ail paints carefully. Take a cotton ball and sink it in nail polish remover to remove any old nail paint. Once you are done with cleaning, trim your nails to a desirable length, and finally shape them with a filer.

Step2 (create your custom sponge)

Pick up the sponge and scissor from the Ombre nail art accessories. Try buying a wedge makeup sponge. Cut the makeup sponge to make the flat edge narrower according to the size of your nail. Ensure that the makeup sponge edge is as wider as your nails. In this way, you will not get nail polish stains on the skin around your nails.

Step3 (Apply base coat)

Apply a clear base coat onto your nails as it protects your nails from getting blemished by colored nail paints. It also extends the manicure for a long time and decreases the occurrence of marks in nail paint. Make sure that the coat is dried out completely before going on the next step.

Pro Tip:  if you want your Ombre nails last for more days, don’t skip this step. A single base coat won’t hurt your nails.

Step4 (Pick up your Base color coat and apply)

Reminder: Wrap the tape around your nails. Even if the nail paint extends beyond the cuticle, your skin won’t be affected.

 For Ombre nails, always choose light color; it could be white or any lighter shade. Light colors enhance the Ombre effect. Pick up the already sorted base color and spread it all over your nails. If you want to make your base color looks dense, paint two coats of the base color. Let the first coat dry and then add the second coat afterward. 

Pro-tip: To get a flawless base coat, apply a thin first and second coat. Don’t saturate the nail paintbrush.

Step5 (Paint your sponge with Ombre color)

Now take out your sponge and horizontally paint the nail colors across the makeup sponge. Don’t forget to cut the sponge according to your nail’s size. Start painting with the lightest color first and then with the darker one. Ensure that the nail colors are painted next to each other without revealing the sponge between colors. The sponge should be wet enough to stamp onto the nail. You can add three colors as well.

Pro-Tip:  dip the sponge in water before painting it with nail paints. The sponge shouldn’t be thoroughly wet. Remove excess water from it. It should be moist.

Step6 (Stamp the sponge onto your nails)

Press the sponge with painted colors down onto your nails. Stamp for 3-4 times so that the Ombre is dark enough.

Step7 (roll the polish to enhance the Ombre effect)

Stamping one time isn’t enough; you have to do it several times to make the Ombre effect prominent. Put the polish on your nails by putting the sponge’s side edge to the side of your nails. Do this process for several times to increase the effect.

The skin around your nails may be stained. If you have already wrapped tape around your nails, you are good to go. But if you haven’t, no need to wrap it now; instead, put petroleum jelly on the surrounding skin. You can also remove the stains with nail polish remover at the end.

Step8 (Refill your sponge)

Once you are finished with the Ombre effect, reload your sponge in the same manner as you did before. In this way, the Ombre colors will remain vibrant on your nails. Do everything from paint colors to stamping the sponge onto your nails exactly you have done before. If you stamp your nails fast, you have to add more nail paint on the sponge for the remaining nails.

Pro tip:  Don’t forget to moist the sponge again. If the sponge is dried, it will pull off your base color, and the whole process will be in vain.

Step 9 (Top Coat Again)

Once all of your nails are dried, ultimately add a top coat again. Give about 10 minutes at least or more to dry your nails. Topcoat makes the nail art look smooth and beautiful. The sponge has already made the nails look bumpy. So consider applying a coat, in the end, to create the Ombre effect last longer.

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