How to dry Nail Paint faster

How to dry Nail Paint faster 2020

How to dry Nail Paint faster You have learned the trending yet expensive nail arts to do from the comfort of home. But the problems of drying nail paints faster like salons still exists. Still, you have to spend a great deal of time to let your nails dry.

Usually, when you don’t have any work to do, you can give sufficient time to drying nail paint. But when you have to write emails, post photos on Facebook or Instagram, you can’t afford to be digitally shelved for long.

Why doesn’t nail paint dry faster? According to professional and expert manicurists, it takes two whole days for nail paints to dry. Yes, you have read it right. This is why when your manicure is destroyed even after giving it 20 minutes to dry.

Don’t need to tire your lungs out to dry the nail paint because we have come with the easiest tricks to cut your drying time in half.

How to dry Nail Paint faster

Let’s dive into those  tricks that will give you a faster nail dry like salons at home:

Get a quick-dry topcoat.

Want to dry nails faster? Buy a clear nail polish coat. Many cosmetic companies have launched clear coat nail paint, which cut down the drying time and dry nails more quickly. 

The best part about these topcoats is that they are cheaper than regular nail paints.

  • Apply a thin layer. A light coating of nail polish is another way to dry nails faster. Don’t over saturate the applicator brush. Let the nail paint dry for about 1-2 minutes between every coat. Nail paint won’t dry thoroughly if you apply in bulky layers. Thin layers might take longer, but it’s worth your time. Practice how much paint you should put on utilizing a larger nail surface, like your thumbnail. This will help you understand how thin you can spread the nail paint.

Pro tip: don’t paint your nails altogether; instead, paint them one by one.

  • Cold Water. Let your polished nails have a dive in cold water. Before following this tip, you have to do a little prep. Take a bowl and fill it with cold water; you can also add some ice cubes. Put this in front of you before you start to paint your nails. After you are done with painting, your nails wait for about 2-3 minutes and then soak your fingers in the cold water for about 5 minutes. Upon removing your fingers from the cold water, you will see the water droplets on your nail. The presence of droplets confirms that it is completely dried. You can do the exact for your feet.

Pro tip: don’t put your fingers right after polishing your nails as it could wreck your nail paint. Let the polish adhere to your nails.

  • Blow-dry. Ever noticed that your hair dryer’s cool shot button could do more than just sealing the hair cuticle. Yes, it can dry your stubborn nail paint too.

Make prep before applying nail paint. Plugin your hairdryer by making sure that the cool air button is on. Now apply nail paint as soon you’re finished with it, hit your nails with cool air. Don’t paint nails on your both hands while trying out this method. One of your hands should be free of nail paint to grasp the hairdryer. Put the hairdryer about 6 inches away from your nails. Do this for a minute only, and then tap slightly on your nails to check if they are still sticky.

Pro Tip: the hot air prevents the nail paint from drying; instead, it re-melt the already dried nail paint. Hot air can also burn your nails. Always use the cool shot for drying nails effectively. 

  • Purchase quick-drying nail polishes. If you don’t have suffice time to try any of the tricks mentioned above, buy quick-drying nail paints. Many companies have launched these kinds of nail paints. They speed up the drying process, and you don’t have to do anything else. Just put on the nails paint, wait a few seconds, and Viola.

Other names for these nail polishes are express dry, rapid speed, or merely quick dry.

  • Use drying drops. Drying drops are usually applied after the topcoat. Many beauty and drug stores are selling drying drops. They also come in the form of setting sprays. Drying drops are oil-based; they condition the cuticles and dry the nails. Unlike clear drying top coat nail polishes, these drying drops are not required to put another layer on your nails.

Apply top coat and wait for 2 minutes. Then drip the drying drops onto your nails one by one. Wait for another 2-3 minutes. Rinse your hands with cold water again

  • Be Ready For Some Grease. Get baby oil and grease your nails with it.

Oils help the nails to dry faster. To control the amount of oil, you need to put it in a dropper bottle like the medical ones. Oil works more quickly than any other drying nail paint method. Because it soaks into the nail polish, it thins the paint that is already on the nail. Thinner polishes dry faster than the thicker ones.

After applying the nail polish, drop the oil on each nail. Once the oil bead on the nail bed, wipe the extra oil off with tissue paper’s help.

  • Spray Air Duster. Apply nail paint then spray with an air duster. Hold the spray duster about 2 feet away from your nails. Do a quick spray for about 3-5 seconds over your nails. Make sure that your nails are dry after the nail paint application. Air duster can ruin your nail polish when it is wet. 
  • Use cooking spray. Cooking sprays are another best way to dry nail paints thoroughly. The cooking spray has oils that enhance the drying process. Hold the cooking spray 1 foot away and spray it evenly over the top of each nail. Wait for 2 minutes right after nail polish application and then use the cooking spray.

Lastly, don’t wave your finger in the air to dry nail paint. Doing so will only smudge the nail paint.

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