How to File Your Nails

How to File Your Nails 2020

How to File Your Nails Whether you are going for an interview or in a party, all eyes will stroll to your hands and, eventually, your nails. Filing your nails is very important; not only does it makes the nails healthy but also increases their durability.

Filing keeps the nail healthy but can cause breakage and peeling of nails, which eventually end up in infections. Peeling has a devastating effect on your personality. It makes you look messy and shabby and is painful as well. Such problems occur when you start filing long nails directly instead of trimming them to a manageable length. The filing puts pressure on untrimmed nails and peeling, or breakage of nail happens.

You don’t need to pay a pricey visit to the manicurist because filing nails is easy enough to do from your home’s comfort. All you need is the right file for your nails and some direction and positions that we will tell you.

How to File Your Nails

Let’s file;

Step1 (soak your nails in warm water)

Never skip this step if you want an excellent shape at the end of this process. Take a bowl of Luke warm water and soak your hands in it for about 5 minutes. Not only does it soften your nail tips, but it also removes excess dirt or nail, which would otherwise become a hurdle in the filing.

Step2 (Dry your hands thoroughly)

Dry your hands thoroughly before you proceed to the next step. Wet hands are more prone to breaking during filing.

Step3 (Select a right filer)

The kind of file you choose decides the fate of your nails. You can select various filers, but what matters is the safety and effectiveness in getting the filing done? Opt for a soft filer for natural naturals. Usually, filers with high grit numbers like 200-240 are safer to use. Soft filers also keep the edges smooth. Glass, files are also very operative and can be easily washed.

Pro tip: Avoid metal files as they are too coarse and can tear up your natural nails. Don’t use filers with a grit around 80-100. Such filers should only be used for acrylic nails.

Step4 (choose the nail shape you want)

Pick a nail shape you want. Usually, there are three main shapes like oval, square, and almond. If you choose to go for oval shaped nails, you will enjoy the perk of less breakage. Oval nails maintain and grow the nails nicely. Also, they give a feminine look and make your hands winsome.

If you have a large nail bed, go with square-shaped nails. They look good and come by filing the nail right from its tip across the nail.

Lastly, we have almond-shaped nails, which are liked by many girls and women. It makes your hand more charming and fingers slender. It imitates the curve at the nail base.

Step5 (Trim your nails)

Once you have selected your desired shape, take a nail cutter, and trim your nails to a manageable length, not too short, not too long.

Cut your nails according to the shape you want. For instance, the oval shape requires shorter nail length, and trimming shall be done in an oval shape. For square nails, the size should be more extended because of the shape’s requirement. Lastly, the nails need to trim more from the sides for almond shape than from the tip.

Step6 (divide your nails into two sections)

Divide your nail into two sections, left and right. Finish the left side first, then go towards the right one. Always begin from the outside corner going towards the middle of the nail.

Grasp the file parallel to the nail’s side when you start to file. This will avoid nail breakage or peeling.

Don’t saw your nails even if you don’t like filing nails at home. Don’t panic; it’s just a matter of seconds whether you will build an excellent shape or wreck it. Have patience.

Now hold the file perpendicular to the nail tip. Move file from its perpendicular place at the nail’s end to the opposite side of the nail from where you start. Ensure again that you are holding the file perpendicularly. 

Filing for women with short nails:

Having shorter nails doesn’t mean that you are free from this task. Filing short nails is tricky because it can cause pain or infection. File your nails at a 45-degree angle. All you have to do is put the file below the nails and create the curve. Don’t hold the filer perpendicular as it will file your skin. Filing nails this way will also help you grow your shorter nails faster.

Pro tip: Don’t file in back and forth motion; otherwise, you will end up with a terrible nail shape. Also, nails at an angle for smooth and polished edges.

Step7 (remove the extra nail filing)

Okay, so you have done giving your nails the desired shape, but here is one more step that you need to do. And that’s buffing. Usually, after filling, there are tiny remaining pieces that are lying under the nail bed. These flakes give nails a rough look in the end. To make the nails smooth, nails are buffed with a buffer. It is a gentle way of filing that smooths the edges and removes the nail bed’s flakes.

Step8 (Moisturize your nails)

Don’t waste the labour you have put in filing your nails by not moisturizing in the end.

Moisturize your fingers and nails with a moisturizer or cuticle oil. Do this regularly for healthy nail growth. Moisturizing your cuticles will also prevent you from hangnails.

Step 9(Don’t file each day or every week)

Remember the principle; ‘excess of everything is bad.’ The same goes for filing nails. It’s good to maintain you and hand mainly, but periodic filing will result in permanent damage. Also, nails need time to grow. It’s better to file your nails once every 2-3 weeks.

Last but not least, have patience while filing your nails. The practice is what makes you perfect, and it doesn’t come overnight.  Remember, Slow and steady wins the race.

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