how to thin nail polish

how to thin nail polish 2020

how to thin nail polish? Fashion lovers always look for an excuse to play with their favorite nail art. Starting from DIY manicure to swapping the brush across beautiful nails to play with trendy nail colors, they are ready to jump into anything and everything to get that sassy nail look.

It’s quite disheartening when those high maintenance expensive beauty products leave a sticky, nasty mess. This is the time when you sadly discontinue a limited edition shade. Ugh! We shouldn’t talk about it.

Do you still remember how many of your favorite nail polishes have you kicked out of the bucket? Have you ever thought about how professional nail salons thin out nail polishes and prevent that inevitable demise without any hassle? Trust us, it’s not a herculean task.

Let’s find out how to thin nail polish at home like a pro.

Do you store alcohol at home?

It’s a perfect excuse to store your favorite appetite at home. Rubbing alcohol directly in the bottle is an ideal go-to method to make your favorite shade thinner. 

What to do if you are out of alcohol? Well, you don’t have to worry at all. You can simply use one drop of acetone in the nail polish bottle and then shake well. If it looks too thick, you can even add one more drop. But try to add less as too much acetone can minimize the lifespan of your fancy nail shade.

Next time if someone asks how to thin nail polish, you can suggest these tricks, of course, after trying it on your own once.

Are you looking for a non-toxic method?

Yes! Indeed acetone solution is handy, but to be honest, it’s not a permanent solution as you can face breakage, peeling, or splitting in the long run.

Instead of brainstorming by thinking how to thin nail polish, you can use these simple tricks to make your favorite shade last longer.

  • Always keep your nail polish in the dark and cool place like the refrigerator.
  • Avoid storing it near any source of heat.
  • In that case, you can easily understand that you have to keep your trendy polish away from the sunlight as well.
  • Keep in mind that on those hot shower days, the temperature of your bathroom fluctuates as well. So never store your bottles there in the bathroom.

Have you tried any nail thinner?

How to thin nail polish? Well, the simple answer is, try to invest in a nail thinner that will cost you less than $10.

A few drops to your polish is enough. But keep in mind that do not shake the bottle. Otherwise, it’ll form air bubbles, instead of that roll that portal by using your palms and enjoy a diva look.


If your polish gets too sludgy, say goodbye to it. After all, just like your other beauty products, your polish has its self-life too.

Preserve your favorite nail polish bottle as long as possible. But after some time, Say goodbye and toss out that bottle and get a new one to impress onlookers with your incredible nail look.

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