the art of nails

The Art of Nails for a Beautiful Angel like You!

the art of nails Do you have a craze for beautiful nail designs just like I do? And does it inspire you a lot and you wish to try this but in spite of having creativity and passion you lack the guidance to create a flawless look? Well, sweetheart, you do not need to worry because now you have come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can create a marvelous look for your nails. I really hope that you will like the art of nails I am going to explain. Please don’t forget to tell me in the comments about your views.

The Art of Nails Techniques to Make Your Nails as Beautiful as You Are!

In nail art techniques we are going to see how we can make beautiful patterns on nails by taping, stamping, drawing, sponging, and other fun stuff.

Taping Technique and the Art of Nails:

In the taping technique, you will need a base color according to your choice and you will apply it just like you apply nail colors.

When the nails paint is completely dried out afterward cut the tape into small pieces and then make a pattern on your nails.

You can make different Criss-Cross patterns. Please note that in the taping technique you will apply tape to those areas which you want to be left in the base color. Then you will use another coat of nail color. And then remove the taping lightly.

Stamping Technique and the Art of Nails:

For stamping technique you need:

  1. Nail stamps. You can buy nail stamps from nail art suppliers.
  2. Rubber Stamper
  3. Scraper or a casual card

Pick an image you would like to stamp from the nail stamps.

Afterward, put some nail color on the stamp image you have chosen.

Use the scraper to remove the excess nail color from the nail stamp.

With the help of a Rubber stamp transfer the image from the nail stamp to your nails, go in a firm rolling motion so that the image is properly printed on your nail.

Clean the stamp palate after each application with nail polish remover.

And now you can apply a coat of topcoat on your nail to give it a shiny look.

Sponging Technique and the Art of Nails:

If you love gradient and achromatic type of nails then the sponging technique is best for you. This technique is going to give you very splashy effects.

What you need to Create a Spongy effect:

  1. Sponge
  2. Base Color
  3. Tweezers
  4. 2nd color to create a splashy effect

Makeup sponge cut it to make it thinner according to your nail size

Apply base color on the nail

Let it dry out

Give it a second coat, once the first coat is dried

To add texture to make up sponge, with the help of tweezers pull out little chunks. In this way, it will add texture to the sponge. We do not want a flat look.

Randomly dab your sponge on the second color and apply it to the base color. Please don’t overload the color, just pick the color in chunks.

Sweetheart, in this article I have shared the art of nails. I have tried my best to give you easy ideas which you can easily try at home. Please share the article with other beauties on your friends’ list as well. If you have anything to share with us then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section reserved just for you J

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